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Send Cakes to Chennai

Send delicious cakes to Chennai

In earlier days when you had to congratulate someone for their hard work or some special day in their life, all that can be done was to write a letter congratulating the person. Then you had to wait for the letter to reach them, which had absolutely no guarantee of success. But today, everyone and everything has evolved. We have technology, media, and means to send our congratulations in the most personal way without even being there. Even if you are out of India or in a different state and want to send something special to your friends, family, or partner in Chennai, you can do so easily and effortlessly.  All you need to do is avail our services for online cake delivery in Chennai and you are done.

Here at Florist Xpress, we will assist you with variety of gifts and cakes to choose from. From wedding cakes to anniversary cakes to birthday cakes, you will have it all. You can also personalize your cakes as per your needs. Whether you want the picture of your loved ones or you have a particular shape in your mind, we will do it all for you. There are numerous special occasions to celebrate in your lives but due to your jobs we are unable to enjoy it with or family or friends. We will help you get closer and celebrate equally with them. Your surprise gift will surely make their day and you will also make them realize distance has not brought any changes in their relation. We value your feeling and that is why our professionals go an extra mile to deliver your gift as per your need.

Cake Delivery In Chennai

Festivals, birthday or anniversary celebration are always on card once or twice a month. But, you cannot take leave every time and visit to each place. Do not worry, Florist Xpress will help you get closer. Hiring your services on board will make you get closer to your special ones and also make it easier for you to deal with all the celebrations around the year which you could not visit. You just need to visit the website and select from the range of enticing cakes we have for you. You can be assured of the quality of the product as we know the value of being emotionally close and attached to someone. After selecting the product you need to add it to the cart and proceed further with the payment option. We have the most secure gateway for your transaction, so, you do not have to be stressed about your payment related issues. You can select which day and at what time your gift needs to be delivered.

We have flexible timings as per your need. If you want to surprise someone by delivering gift during midnight, we have the option covered for you. If you want your gift to be delivered same day, we can do that also for you. You can add the special message also with the gift, we will envelop it in a card and share it with your loved ones. This will certainly make it very special and they will feel how important they are for you. We always keep customer satisfaction as your prime priority. You can be assured of the delivery of the gift on the mentioned time. With Chennai traffic being chaotic, our professionals will make sure that we do not delay it and share your love as and when you wished it to.

So, Florist Xpress is the ideal choice for all your long distance relationship celebrations. You can make it special by sharing delicious cakes, gorgeous flowers, chocolates and many more products with the ones you love but are not together.

Surprise Your Kids WIth Personalized Cakes Online Chennai

So it’s your child’s birthday month and you might stressing on what can you do to make it special and engraving. Kids love cartoon and there are a number of cartoon character cakes available on our website you can choose from. You just need to know who is your kid’s best cartoon character and exclusively get the cake from our website. They will love it for sure! You can also ask us for a personalized cake services where you can get the picture of your kid in the respective cake get it delivered during his or her birthday. They will surely be amused and amazed with this gesture. It will make their birthday even more special and wonderful. Our cake delivery services in Chennai, will surely help you with this and make the special day even more admiring.

We have number of cakes which can help you with this. Go to our website and check out all the varieties, you can also order a combo of baby toy with enticing cake or also add some chocolates which make it very very special. You can add a special message for your son or daughter which you want to say to them, that how special they mean to you. We will make sure it is felt the same way and always deliver the gift as you want it to. You can be assured about the quality and standard of your services. We always like to raise your level of services, so that we can get connected so much that we deliver it as you actually would have liked to. Florist Xpress has to be your ideal choice for birthday cake online Chennai when you are planning about kids birthday party.

Vying Cake Delivery Services in Chennai

We always are looking for some cheap but delightful gifting options during the time of special occasions. What better than an enticing cake with a stunning bouquet of flower or chocolates? Here at Florist Xpress, has always maintained to keep prices which matches all the pockets equally. We make sure that all the products matches your compact budget and also are equally good to fulfill their needs. With quick and on-time delivery service you can be assured with quality we are looking to maintain. Our cake delivery services in Chennai are highly known for our vying prices and equally exceptional quality. With one of the busiest cities in India, in Chennai we always meet our target of delivering the product within the stated time.

If you compare your prices with the other service providers, you will come to know how good we are! We always keep customer needs as our prime priority. With lots of love and affection you buy the gift for your special ones so we do not want to get that hidden with expensive pricing. There are no hidden charges whatsoever. As soon as you add the product to your cart, you will advanced to one of the most protected payment gateway. Your transaction will be processed with ease and with complete security.

We are known for our reliable cake delivery services in Chennai. You just need to browse our website for cakes online Chennai and you will know it all and also get it all what you require for your special ones. With Florist Xpress you are always on the safer side. Connect with us now!

Why Florist Xpress

Florist Xpress is one of the leading companies known for its cake delivery services in Chennai and all over India. You can fully trust your services with compatible pricing and quality products varying from enticing cakes to delicious chocolates and gorgeous flowers. Our professional always strive for more and are always practicing to deliver their 100%. Below mentioned are few which make us the company of your choice:

Great Range Of Products:

Here at Florist Xpress, you will get an exceptional range of products as per your needs according to the special occasion. We have enticing cakes for each and every occasion from anniversaries to birthdays to new years to mother’s day and more. With cakes you will also get flowers, chocolates, toys and many more products which is a perfect fit as your gift. You can also get personalized gift as per your need and requirement.

On-time Online Cake Delivery In Chennai

Florist Xpress is known for its dependable services. With traffic at its peak in Chennai, you can still be assured of your gift getting it delivered right on time as you stated. Our professionals knowns the importance of your purchase so they do not take it casually at all. They make sure they beat the hurdles to get to the place where the gift needs to be delivered. We can also provide online midnight cake delivery in Chennai or deliver right on the same day, as and when you require. You can trust on our cake delivery services in Chennai.


As mentioned above, we make sure the charges of the entire process matches to the pockets equally and everyone can share love with their special ones as per the pocket needs. There are no charges which is hidden and absurd. With secure payment services, we also offer coupons and discounts to our regular customers. This makes us even more compatible and vying when compared with the rest.


Quality has always been our your prime priority to match. We make sure that customers get more than what they actually expected and with quality you will never be disappointed. We will do whatever it takes to match the quality and standard so that you can trust our service and come back to us for all your gifting needs. You can go through your testimonials and acknowledge our quality of cake delivery services in Chennai.

With Florist Xpress, you can be assured that you are getting the best among all and we always strive to deliver as per your need. Our online cake delivery in Chennai is among the most appreciated services because of all the above mentioned points. So to order cake online Chennai, connect with us now!

How To Make Your Celebration Special

Any celebration, be it a small and subtle or a massive and enormous one, it needs a cake to be completely genuine and true. Can there really be a celebration without cake? We think not. Cakes are one of the most crucial elements for the success of any party and hold a special significance. Cakes are that joyous part of any event that makes it special and celebratory. Not only do they taste absolutely delicious but also are a delight to look at. The bright colours and toppings are what make them such an essential part of any celebration.

Whether it is your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, or anything else, our online cake delivery to Chennai will be your token of love for your close ones. It will portray your feelings and thoughts and tell them how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

Order Cake Online Chennai

People are different and so are their choices and preference. If you are sending a cake to your loved one, it is essential that you choose the one that they love the most. If you are worried about the availability of any particular flavour, do not be. Florist Xpress avails a plethora of flavours including chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, mango, vanilla, black forest, pineapple, fruit and so much more.

Is it your parent’s 50th anniversary? Don’t you want to make the day special and memorable? Our customized cakes can be personalized according to the events and will be the perfect gift from you. If you think that just the cake will not be enough, you can gift a stunning and enchanting arrangement of fresh and exotic flowers, decadent chocolates, nostalgic photo frames, and more.

Our cake delivery in Chennai is cost-efficient, fast, and always on time. If you want to surprise your spouse, girlfriend, friend, or family on their birthday, you can utilize our midnight delivery service and surprise them with their gift just as the clock strikes twelve.

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