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Yellow Roses Bunch

Yellow Roses Bunch

SKU: delighted

When a bunch of 13 blooming yellow roses assemble to greet you, these natural elements are bound to give you immense delight. Thus, keeping this joyful moment in our minds, we have designed a unique floral bouquet with 13 yellow fragrant roses to help 13 become your lucky number. This bunch of fresh roses is packed in a printed cellophane paper so that the beauty is enhanced. And, to make the bouquet look more sophisticated, a matching yellow ribbon tied in the shape of an elegant bow has been attached to the same. The Delighted Nature is the perfect bouquet that you can carry as the bridesmaid. And, no matter what kind of a celebration you are attending, the Delighted Nature would definitely make you the apple of the eyes of your beloved to whom you would gift it.


Product Contains : 13 Yellow Roses Bunch.

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