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Smiling Roses Bunch

Smiling Roses Bunch

SKU: keepsmile

A dozen roses left at your doorstep one fine morning would surely bring a smile on your face. And, the same will happen if you send a dozen roses to your near and dear ones – they will smile and their day would start off with a positive notion. The Keep Smiling bouquet has been designed to spread happiness all around. This bouquet consists of 12 roses of different variants, namely, pink, white, yellow and, of course, red. The green fillers in between the vase-like arrangement of the flowers and the double red non-oven paper wrapping add a perfect glow to the bouquet. Send it to your loved ones and capture the smile on their faces just as the red ribbon captures and keeps the bouquet intact and blooming. 


Product contains : 12 pink, white, yellow & red roses bunch wrapped with red paper and mix colours ribbon.

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