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Rotating Couple Gift

Rotating Couple Gift

SKU: RC 14

Are you thinking of a gift to present it to your loved one? Confused with what should be a better gift! Well, there is a romantic idea to surprise your partner. Its the beautiful gift of rotating couple. Yes, a couple showpiece in the centre covered by a glass in the shape of a globe, rotating when the key is provided, dancing to the musical tunes, with an additional changing colours of lights,  will look so amazing. You can decorate it on your room’s side table, so beautiful and romantic the area will be, as it will allure the eye and bring a wide smile, whenever looked at it. It is also at so adorable price.


Product Contains:  A Rotating Couple showpiece. It will take 2-4 days for delivery.


Please note : This is courier product and will take 2-4 days to deliver at your door step.

Rs 649 /-

In stock
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