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Rose Lilies and Orchids Bouquet

Rose Lilies and Orchids Bouquet


Are you in deep confusion when it is a question of picking flowers for a bouquet? Are you unaware of the choice of your loved ones? Then this bouquet is a rescue to you. This beautiful combination of different flowers and colors has the capacity to work wonders in a person's heart and mind. It is the ultimate mood maker. One cannot help but praise its beauty and the idea of putting them together as a combination. The green filler forms part of the beauty and enhances its looks. The choice of pink roses, purple orchids, and yellow Asiatic lilies is a perfect go-to for any occasion. The purple orchids will definitely impress your loved one making the special and memorable.


Product Contains: A charming bouquet of 15 pink roses, 3 yellow Asiatic lilies, 5 purple orchids with lots of green fillers and china palms.

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