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Pink Oriental Lilies Vase

Pink Oriental Lilies Vase


Do you want to gift something to a girl? What better than a pink oriental lily! Lilies and the color pink both are favorites of a girl. When you gift something like pink lilies, it will, without doubt, impress her. This bunch of lilies looks lovely and enchanting. Their beauty together with the fragrance is an all-what-you-needed combination and no girl can remain quiet not talking about its beauty at its first sight. Gifting this pink bunch will make her day special and memorable. The green filler added to the bunch is nothing but a beauty enhancer. The bunch is very eye-catchy. The flowers used are very fresh and a no compromise deal is assured. Pink oriental lilies are not easy to find and are enchantingly beautiful.


Product Contains: A bunch of 5 freshly bloomed pink oriental lilies along with some green fillers which shall look elegant.

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