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One Kg Chocolate Fruit Cake

One Kg Chocolate Fruit Cake

SKU: 1kgchocofruit

If you have ever wondered about surprising someone with the beautiful cake, here it is. The 1 kg Choco Fruit Cake is really full of the surprises, not only the taste is mind-blowing but also the appearance is attractive. The Choco Fruit Cake is well decorated with the different fruits on the top, while the bottom and sides are coated with the dark chocolate. The bread of the cake is also in the chocolate flavour. The beautiful contrast of the black and fruits jumbled on each other makes it really appealing. This cake is of 1kg that can be delivered onto your doorstep by the Florist Xpress. So grab the opportunity and surprise your loved ones.


Product contains : 1 Kg chocolate fruit cake.


Please note : Cake Designs may slightly vary from place to place but no compromises in flavour.

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