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One Kg Choco Truffle Cake

One Kg Choco Truffle Cake


Chocolate truffle has always been the craved for flavour. Designed with a picturesque view of two hearts meeting that too chocolaty, and white creamy frostings textured around is what our chocolate truffle cake looks like. It is layered with three types of chocolate flavours and one can identify its quality just by a single bite. If you also want to be a part of the taster then go ahead and order it from our website. We promise that you will be enthralled after tasting it for we serve the best quality product. In case you are a vegetarian, ask us to get it customized so that you can enjoy the eggless version. 


Product contains: 1 kg chocolate truffle cake in a heart shape.


Please note: Cake icing may vary from place to place.

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