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One kg Blackforest Cake

One kg Blackforest Cake

SKU: 1kg bf cake

The 1 kg Black Forest Cake is beauty repelling. The cherry placed on the white vanilla cream on the top with the chocolate crumbs sprinkled around the sidewalls of the cake makes it super delicious. The inner core is filled with the soft porous mouth melting vanilla cream and bread. This cake has its own appealing look comprising of the white and black texture that is perfect for the every occasion. Florist Xpress is ready to serve with the 1 kg Black Forest Cake offering their free delivery service and the mobility access to the major big cities. The cake can be sent to your lovable one with the Florist Xpress. Express your way of love in a unique style!


Product contains : 1 Kg Black Forest Cake.


Please note : Cake designs may slightly vary.

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