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Mix Colour Lilies Vase

Mix Colour Lilies Vase


Asiatic lilies are most popular in the florist trade. This is because of the huge demand by the customer for different colored Asiatic lilies. Using Asiatic lilies in a bouquet is gaining popularity and is being used in floral designs. This wonderful bouquet has killer looks like the royal lilies bloom can be seen in no other flower and is incomparable. Asiatic lilies and oriental lilies are different and both have their individual character to play in a bouquet. When in confusion on what to pick for a bouquet, this bouquet is all that you need which has a blend of beautiful colors. The combination of orange, yellow and white lilies is nowhere to see and makes the bouquet a unique piece.


Product contains: A beautiful arrangement of 3 orange, 5 yellow and 2 white Asiatic lilies arranged in a glass vase with some green fillers. 

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