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Handle Basket of 40 Roses

Handle Basket of 40 Roses

SKU: Firstcrush

Are you in search of the ways among the plethora of different ways that will make your loved ones happy? Are in you in dilemma on the type of flowers that will bloom the gloomy faces of your loved ones? The best possible way would be to gift a bunch of flowers and what better an option in flower than a mix of different coloured roses. This wonderful bouquet will brighten their faces and strengthen your relationship. A mix of red, pink, yellow and orange roses of your choices is the best gift you can find. This basket full of roses will illuminate the feelings and emotions you share. The bond is sure to be strong and get stronger with time.


Product Contains: - A basket-shaped arrangement of 40 new and beautiful mix colour roses along with some green filler, tied with pink ribbon.

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