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Half Kg Eggless Vanilla Cake

Half Kg Eggless Vanilla Cake

SKU: 1/2 kg eggless vanilla

So it is almost midnight and you want to eat your favourite vanilla pastry but unfortunately, not a single shop is open. Wait before you lose heart for our shop delivers cake at midnight sharp at 12 am. And we have your favourite vanilla cake that too eggless while guaranteeing the best quality. You and your friend can enjoy the 500 grams cake lavishly and bountifully. We fathom your needs and desires and therefore have constituted the arrangement of midnight delivery whereby you can eat your favourite cake while giving us joy too. Stop waiting, jump to our online ordering portal. 


Product contains: 500 gms eggless vanilla cake from the best bakery shop in the city.


Please note: Cake designs may slightly vary from the image actually shown.

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