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Half Kg Eggless Fruit Cake

Half Kg Eggless Fruit Cake

SKU: 1/2 kg eggless fruits cake

Fruits are indispensable in our life. It is healthy and at the same time tasty appetizing. Think of freshly sliced fruits like kiwi, apples, mangoes and so more delicacies – spread over a cake. How fantastic it would be! A cake is perpetually everyone’s craved food. A cake is inevitably a dessert thing, though many think it to be a guilty pleasure but, now you can get the necessary nutritious values in it even. Let’s make cakes a nourishing dessert by opting for a fresh eggless fruit cake this time. Order it right here on Florist Xpress so that you can surprise your loved ones.


Product contains: 500gms eggless fruits cake with seasonal fresh fruits topping from the best bakery in the shop.


Please note : Cake designs may slightly vary from the actual image shown.

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