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Half Kg Butter Scotch Cake

Half Kg Butter Scotch Cake


Butterscotch cakes are a delight for the taste buds and simple butterscotch with a classy design is all it takes to set up the perfect mood for occasions and gatherings. Be it a big occasion like weddings, anniversaries or small ones like office parties or gatherings, our half kg butterscotch cake goes perfectly on any day. The cake has a simple yet classy appeal and comes in 500gms from the top bakery in your area. The white cake has a splendid topping made of yellow cream giving the delicate touch with some floral designs and beautiful rose flowers at the centre.


Product content: A delightful butterscotch cake of 500gms from best bakeries across the city.


Please note: Cake design may vary from place to place.

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