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Glorious Red Roses Bouquet

Glorious Red Roses Bouquet

SKU: gloriousroses

Are you not willing to gift a paper-wrapped bouquet? Are you in search of something stylish and are bored of stereo-typed bouquet wrapped as a bunch of paper and ribbon? Do you want to gift something which is an eye-catcher in beauty as well as style? This lovely bouquet of red roses in a basket style is different than the old-fashioned bouquet style. Bunches of red roses arranged in different layers in the bouquet is different and looks amazing. The green fillers give the flower bouquet an upgrade and enhance its beauty. Along with looks, the fragrance of the bouquet is also enchanting and pulls people towards it. This charming bouquet is definitely a go to when you want to impress someone.


Product Contains: A Lovely bouquet of fresh and blooming 45 red roses arranged in a basket with bunches of roses placed in different layers with seasonal green fillers.

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