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Glass Vase of 20 Yellow Gerberas

Glass Vase of 20 Yellow Gerberas

SKU: sunflowersrise

Nature has given us lots of beautiful and stunning things and flowers are one of the best gifts we have got. Just looking at them can make our mood and our day so much brighter and better. So, why not extend this gorgeous gift to our loved ones and make them feel special. This is the reason why flowers are one of the most popular gift items all around the world. If you are searching for a mesmerizing and impressive gift, you can never go wrong with these yellow gerberas. These bright beauties will lift your mood and your room would look vibrant and stunning. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, promotion, festivals, or any other celebratory event, these stunning flowers will be the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Product Contain: A bright and stylish arrangement of 20 yellow gerberas, kept in a gorgeous, clear glass vase. 

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