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Five Star Butter Scotch Cake

Five Star Butter Scotch Cake

SKU: Buttery5star

After all, butterscotch has a mouthwatering effect on everyone with its rich creamy delight and is also among everyone’s top choice in cake flavours. No doubt it will make the perfect partner on special occasions for greeting someone. We have created the perfect butterscotch delight for your occasions and you will be amazed to know that the splendid butterscotch cake will cover almost all major occasions and will be perfect for weddings, birthdays, formal parties get together, etc. It comes in a hefty size of 1 kg and has an elegant appeal. The delicate butterscotch texture with designed topping makes it a great choice for all.


Product content: Butterscotch cake of 1kg from five-star hotel or bakery.



Please note: Cake designs may vary from place to place.

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