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Exotic Bunch of 50 Red Roses

Exotic Bunch of 50 Red Roses

SKU: FE163

Have you found your love? Do you want to gift him/her something that will show your love? Is your love true and want to make your partner happy? Have you vowed on never to make your partner unhappy or upset? If you want the smile on your beloved's face never to leave, and always to shine your life, gift a bunch of fresh red roses. Red is considered as the color of love and also the color of the heart, creating a connection between both. Beautiful fresh red roses are what a lover is always in search for to make the partner happy. The bunch of red roses will hold the love feeling that two-people share with each other.


Product Contains: A beautiful big bunch of 50 fresh red roses which are specially wrapped in a black paper and tied with a red colored ribbon.

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