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Exotic Arrangement of Red Roses

Exotic Arrangement of Red Roses


Are you bored of the stereotyped arrangement of red roses in a bouquet? Are you desirous of something new and unique with the red roses in a bouquet? Roses are considered to be Gods messenger of Love on Earth. One can never be bored of red roses, but the arrangement and the design of the bouquet can get monotonous. To bring up something new here is to offer you a unique design bouquet so that you are able to impress your beloved and show that they are unique to you by gifting this unique piece. This royal bouquet is filled with elegance and royalty and will make your beloved feel special, making the day a memorable one.


Product Contains: - An exotic arrangement of freshly bloomed 40 red roses in a bouquet design and also consisting of china palm leaves, drysina and many green fillers.

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