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Carnation and Lilies Bouquet

Carnation and Lilies Bouquet


Are you in search of something different to gift? Here is to offer you a unique bouquet which has a different arrangement and style. Its uniqueness is more because of the choice of colours used in the bouquet and also the choice of colours. Usually, red, pink, white, yellow are the colours that are seen o preferred in a bouquet. But a bouquet consisting of orange Asiatic lilies is a rare scene. The cherry on the cake is the choice of orange coloured birds of paradise flower which elevates the beauty of the bouquet. Its uniqueness is a charmer and is sure to attract people towards it. There can be no better bouquet to show your love and emotions to your loved ones.


The product contains:- A wonderful arrangement of 20 lovely pink carnations, 2 orange Asiatic lilies and 4 birds of paradise which are designed beautifully in a basket.

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