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Bunch of Red and White Roses

Bunch of Red and White Roses

SKU: affection

Flowers are the best gift by nature to mankind and roses are the most beautiful among them. It can easily win hearts. Red is the colour resembling love, passion, and respect. The White colour resembles simplicity and purity. When there is a combination of red and white one would want nothing more and this would suffice everything. The vibrancy of the roses attracts people and can be the best medium to pour your heart out to somebody. The pristine white roses and lovely red roses when packed beautifully and artistically with precision are very eye-catching and overwhelming.  Their alluring fragrance will help forget all grievances and bring your loved ones close to you.


Product Contains: - Sweet bundle consisting of the combination of 35 red and white roses which is beautifully wrapped in red and white coloured paper and then tied with red and white coloured ribbons.

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