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Bunch of 30 Red and Yellow Carnations

Bunch of 30 Red and Yellow Carnations


We celebrate so many events throughout the year which needs giving gifts to our loved ones. But different people have different taste in clothes, food, music, or anything else that you can think of gifting. So, how do you ensure that the gift you have selected will be liked by the receiver? Flowers are your best choice. They are loved universally and they will hardly any people in this world who do not like bright and fresh flowers. This stunning and elegant double-decker bouquet of red and yellow carnations will melt your loved one’s heart and make them fall in love with your gift. Florist Xpress avails their delivery to more than 150 cities and towns across India so start sending this gorgeous bouquet to your loved ones today!


Product Contain: A gorgeous double-decker bouquet of 20 red carnation and 10 yellow carnations with some green fillers and dry sticks. 

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