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Bunch of 10 Mix Colour Lilies

Bunch of 10 Mix Colour Lilies


Do you want a simple bunch of flowers to gift your loved ones? Is the person whom you shall gift a bouquet is a sober person loving simplicity? Do you want to give an exotic touch to the bouquet you want to gift? Are the roses over-rated to you? Are you reluctant to choose roses or orchids for the bouquet? Here is a simple bunch of some exotic flowers with some beautiful green leaves included in them to give a kick to the beauty of the bouquet. This simple bouquet is good for all occasions. The best thing about this bouquet is that one need not worry about making choices of colours, which is the most difficult task ever, given the individual preferences of different people.


The product contains:- A bunch of 10 mix colour Asiatic lilies wrapped in cellophane paper and tied with an orange coloured ribbon.

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