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Bouquet of Pink Roses and White Orchids

Bouquet of Pink Roses and White Orchids


There can be no standard choice in things for every person in this world. Everyone has its individuality and has a difference in choice, be it anything. However, when it comes to flowers, roses are a constant choice in the minds. Colors choices may vary but the roses are loved by all. Pink roses are beautiful and signify relationships. Pink is considered to be the favourite colour for a woman. This colour is for her feminine qualities of sentiments and boundless emotions. Pink roses work wonders when it comes to impressing a woman. Orchids also cover the list of favourites of a woman. White orchids symbolize purity and elegance. A blend of pink roses and white orchids can glow up anybody's mood.


Product Contains: - A beautiful bouquet consisting of 32 lovely pink roses and 4 elegant white orchids with some green filler arranged in the way of a basket.

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