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Basket of Lilies and Carnations

Basket of Lilies and Carnations



Flower arrangements of special patterns give an exotic and classy look ideal for splendid occasions. The Cozy Shine is another floral arrangement of a special pattern which is slightly different in the color combinations and the pattern. The arrangement contains 3 red carnation flowers and 8 yellow Asiatic Lily placed on an oasis base with loads of green fillers and dry stock with the base wrapped with a beautiful yellow paper. The green fillers and dry stock help in providing the special structure for the elegant appearance. The stunning color combination of red and yellow makes this floral arrangement better than the rest and creates a really exciting appearance. 


Product contains : Beautiful arrangement of 3 yellow asiatic lilies and 8 red carnations,oasis base wrapped by yellow paper and filled by some dry sticks and green fillers.

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