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Basket of 25 Red Roses with Handle

Basket of 25 Red Roses with Handle


Any relationship depends on a clear communication of thought and feeling. While some people are excellent at portraying their emotions, some find it hard and scary. Why not give your loved ones a special gift that can portray your true feeling without you having to say it out loud! This elegant and magical basket of red roses will be the perfect messenger for delivering your love and affection to your better half, friends, or family. Flowers are well-known for revealing our hidden feelings and desires. Your loved one will definitely love and adore your token of love. You will be showered will praises and appreciation for your thoughtfulness and brilliance of choice. You can gift this elegant basket for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, promotion, festivals, or any other celebratory event.


Product Contain: A cute basket with handle containing 25 fresh and bright red roses with a lot of green leaves and fillers. 

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