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7 Yellow Lilies Vase

7 Yellow Lilies Vase


Do you want to gift your loved one a gift that has the potential to brighten the face, but unable to decide on what to what to gift? Is the variety of flowers at the florist shop confusing you and you are unable to come to any conclusion on what to pick? Then Asiatic lilies are certainly what you are searching for. Yellow Asiatic lilies will fulfil your purpose of making your loved ones happy and cheerful. The amazing look of the yellow Asiatic lilies in the glass vase looks ravishing and will impress the person whom you give. The first sight of them is so captivating that if someone is upset with you, which feeling won't last long.


The product contains: - An arrangement of 7 sticks of fresh and beautiful yellow Asiatic lilies arranged in a long glass vase along with some green fillers.

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