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50 Pink Stem Roses Bouquet

50 Pink Stem Roses Bouquet


Do you wish to gift something as a token of warm wishes at any occasion? But are you unable to think of anything that will fulfil the purpose and will be a warm gesture of good regards from your end? Now you need not waste time nibbling on such matters. Here is to bring to you a solution to your problem, a beautiful basket full of freshly bloomed pink roses arranged in three layers giving it an exciting height. Its basket-type arrangement makes it look attractive and yet easy to handle. The china palm leaves used in the basket enhances its beauty. The intoxicating fragrance of the fresh pink roses is the show stopper to impress others and show warm regards.


The product contains: - An amazing three-tier bouquet arranged in a basket style, consisting of 50 pink long stem roses and china palm leaves.

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