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40 Yellow Roses Bouquet

40 Yellow Roses Bouquet

SKU: yellowgreen

Do you want something new which can impress a person stylish in character? Are you in search of something that can impress your loved one with its beauty and style? This piece of art and skill will end your search and will also fulfill your purpose as it is very stylish and shall suit your taste. A person having the taste of style and modern art is sure to like this bouquet. Yellow roses have always been admired for its beauty, a glance at these flowers is sufficient to brighten your day. The bright yellow is an eye-catcher and the combination of green paper arranged in two tiers looks so overwhelming that one cannot steal away eyes from them.


Product Contains: A stylish dual bunch of 40 fresh yellow roses wrapped with green paper in two layers and then tied with a green ribbon in a very stylish way.

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