Wondering What To Do for Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday- Here’s A Few Tips

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Birthdays comes once in a year, yet it’s probably one of the most emotional day of the year, especially for girls, cause it’s one day of the year, when she can call it her day. All the attention, love & pampering with gifts & cakes are for her. It is likely unknown to you that your girlfriend, being no exception of the feminine race, probably made lists for her birthday party months before her actual birthday. Remember, the countdown starts at least a month in advance, hence you should not take ‘birthday shopping’ for her lightly. Take this as a grand opportunity. Girls tend to appreciate the people who would take the extra step to make her ‘day of the year’ an outstanding occasion – one that will be cherished in memory for a long time to come. Organizing a surprise birthday party is always on the list, but the key to such a memorable event are gifts. Birthday gifts for the special woman in your life is a tough puzzle to crack for men. So if you’re among those guys, who have difficulty choosing ‘The Gift’ for your girl, here’s a few tips that may actually help you in this situation.

  1. A very emotional & thoughtful idea would be to make a montage of photos. Make it a lovey dovey stuff like a star-shaped or a heart-shaped collage. Take the time & trouble to make it by yourself – it may not be perfect like the ones when you get a professional to do it, but it shows that you went the extra mile for her. Choose the photos of special moments like first date, a journey you two undertook or her family photo, possibly along with her pet. Think it over- what are the things that might touch her heart.
  2. It’s no secret that all girls dig fanciful & expensive gifts. But one that would touch her inner self will definitely trump everything else. Recollect from things she said, what she would like. It can be anything like a ticket to a historical or evolutionary museum, a concert or even tickets to a cricket match. By this you will send her the positive message that you listen to her & want to see her happy.
  3. What better way to make your girl’s day special than to surprise her with a gift hamper, which she is not expecting to get. It’s really easy to get it nowadays with all the online gift ordering sites. The best gift ordering sites like Floristxpress will provide you with a large array of products to choose from including flowers, cakes, designer cakes, dry fruits, chocolate bouquet, fresh fruits, greeting cards, soft toys, combos, fruit champagne, sweets, greetings card, personal gifts like mugs & statues, etc, all of which they will customize just for your girlfriend’s birthday. These sites even lets you avail for fixed time delivery options (including midnight delivery) of your choice along with free shipping. All you have to do is to order & pay through secure gateways. Believe me it’s a very innovative idea that will leave your girl open-mouthed with joy & surprise.
  4. Birthday week celebration is something that has come in vogue recently. You can do this for your girl with the fixed date & time delivery system of the online gift ordering sites. Start exactly a week before her birthday and keep sending her better gifts as the birthday gets closer. Of course, in this scenario, the final gift on her actual birth date will have to really special & grand. Give really deep thought on what to give her on that day.
  5. Show your concern for your girlfriend’s well being. Give her a break from her work by booking a whole day of relaxation at a spa. Do it a day or so before her birthday, so that she doesn’t miss her birthday party & is not busy with all the calls coming to wish her. This way she will feel revitalized & rekindled on her special day.
  6. Clothes, shoes, accessories & jewellery are some of the usual conventional gifts you can give to your girl on this special day of her life. But how to get her heart melted in seconds? The answer is simple. Just leave a dress on her bed with a small note-Be ready at 7 with this dress on. Another suggestion is to gift her one of those love bracelets from Braceletworld – surely she will have something to remind her of your love.
    Sounds so cheesy & Bollywood like romance? Believe me it still works like a miracle. Choose a quiet, romantic place with good food & nice wine. It is what your girl will want.
  7. Other ways to spend time with your girl in a romantic, relaxed environment is to book a romantic vacation. Think of a place where she always wanted to go- I’m sure she has mentioned it to you several times during conversation. Or maybe take her to someplace where you would like to spend time with her. The plan is to basically go away somewhere romantic for a while.

While you can manage the situation if you forget your friend’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday, just remember you’re done for if you forget your girlfriend’s birthday. Keep a reminder of some sort for her birthday in case you have difficulty remembering people’s birthday. The other thing to remember is gift is VERY important because an impeccable gift on this day can not only make her day but also her year. Don’t always have to get super expensive gifts, cause when it comes to presents it’s the thought behind it that really counts. Believe me she will be thankful for your kind gesture.