Which Is The Flower State Of India & What Are Its Prospectives?

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West Bengal, the state in India located at the Ganga delta, has a foregoing folklore of floriculture based on rituals, customs, culture and heritage as depicted in ancient literatures and various other historic documents. Due to its soft alluvial soil, this state is still regarded as a flower producing state in the atlas of Indian floriculture. It is one of the states with highest flower production in India. West Bengal with diverse crop adaptation & climate conditions is positioned in a very advantageous manner  with respect to the climate and soil for producing various different kinds of flowers.

It is a jewel provenance having diverse flowering trees, shrubs, climbers, palms, ferns, orchids, bulbous plants, house plants, jasmine, rose, chrysanthemum, dahlia and a variety of annual flowering plants. In fact, 45% of the entire cut flowers of India are produced in West Bengal. Virtually one and half lakh florists are directly working in production pertaining to floriculture and an estimate of about 12,000 people are occupied in market promotion. An enormous number of nurseries is busy in production and supply of planting materials for floriculture business. There is a great need of judging excellence of cut flowers in the company of elongated spike in the midst of extra amount of great, good-looking and pathogen free flowers for use in premier restaurants, hotels, business -houses and in illustrious functions. The breathe ornamental plants are a new promising part for profitable utilization all the way through production of unvarying, disease free plant accurate to the type.

Seed, bulbs, tubers and corms of annuals and bulbous plants have excellent vista for sell to the adjoining states as well as in overseas markets. This Sate can easily develop the infrastructure for seed. Dry flower too is an area where a lot prominence ought to be set and West Bengal is the chief passage for export of dry flowers and here is plenty of possibility for augmenting the dry flower production in the vicinity. Dry flower is not limited to merely flower nevertheless it touches a broad locale similar to leaves, flowers, flowers with stock and persistent calyx etc. Dry flower has got a big require particularly in the temperate countries. West Bengal is also the entry point for entire north east region of India when it comes to matters of  logistics of flower items. The contemporary escalation rate of floriculture in West Bengal is about 18%. This depicts the enormous potentiality of this segment.

Progress in Bio-technology specially tissue culture and Genetic Engineering may prosper this state much ahead. Keeping in view the current setting, floricultural crops grasp the opportunity as an appropriate alternative for diversification of farming in West Bengal and, therefore, founding of a new ICAR Institute on Floriculture may confer advancement to Floriculture research, production and diversification.

So practically speaking West Bengal is the flower state of India. So why no use this opportunity to gift you loved ones with flowers on special occasions? Nowadays, that’s even more easier with all the online flower delivery sites which have also dived into this floral business. You can go to these sites & order various different flower bouquets, which will be delivered to your loved ones living anywhere in India. You can pay in a cashless manner through a secure payment gateway. To top it all, you get all this at amazingly affordable rates without any hassle.

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