Things To Do On Valentine’s Day – For Different Kinds Of Couple

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If you are one of those men who haven’t been picking up on the subtle hints that your girl has been emailing you or pinning on Pinterest or may be sweetly whispering into your ear, well in that case here’s the message loud and clear: Valentine’s Day is coming!

But there are various different couple throughout the world. So what you do on this day of love depends on factors like how long you’ve been seeing one another and what kind of romance & love you want to bring to Cupid’s day. If you’re out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, here’s a bunch of ideas as to what to do this Valentine’s Day to make sure it’s not only awesome, but might also make you lucky.

Scenario 1: You’ve Just Started Dating

So you like each other, yet you haven’t made it official. At least you could see it heading that way. An excellent way to move the could-be relationship forward is through dinner invitation. If it goes well, then suggest a night-cap at home. Make sure that you have some wine and roses waiting. You can even get her something from an array of unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

Scenario 2: You’ve Just Said “I Love You’ Recently

If you’re ending phone calls with her with those three magic words, Valentine’s Day is probably the first romantic holiday that you will share with her. In this scenario, sending flowers to her office is likely to flatter her. When she receives them, her colleagues will go ohh-and-ahh, which will make her feel special and loved. It is highly probable that she’ll surprise you with something nice in return as well.

Scenario 3: You’ve Been Dating Her For Over A Year

At this point at least some of the spark and the honeymoon stage has definitely passed away, and you’re settling down into one another. This is your chance where you want to take a big leap and see how you two fair together. Book a getaway, just for the two of you. Do look for last-minute flight deals or you can also pick something secluded and sweet may be a few hours from your home city.

Scenario 4: Stressed

Outside stresses – like job frustration – can often put a damper on relationships. Your girl might want to do something low-key, instead of something that’ll require even more work than what she’s balancing at the moment. Be proactive and give your girl options to choose from like ‘Pizza, wine and a massage’ or ‘Reservations at that place you’ve been wanting to go’ or ‘Netflix and takeout, plus a gift from me’. Remember, it’s not about racking up the most on your payment card — a cheap Valentine’s Day gift can be good! — it’s about showing her you remembered and care.

Scenario5:You’re Broke Newlyweds

Indian weddings are expensive. If you just got married last year, you’re likely still working on getting your savings back. On the weekend of Valentine’s Day just bring out the wedding photos, pick up a cake similar to the one you had at your reception, buy the same flowers that were in her bouquet and grab a nice bottle of champagne, and write a loving card about your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. She will definitely love the sweet attention to detail.