Some amazing & creative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day– the one day of the year dedicated to romantic love. Love– it’s literally in the air on that day. For most of us, it is the day of the year, where we get the chance to show our love for our partners & express our feelings about how special she is to us. What’s the best way to do that? Easy, come up with some extraordinary gift ideas. But coming out with such creativeness is often a challenge for many of us.

Here are a few gift suggestions that will make get your creative juices flowing. Remember it might just end up making you the hero this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Get a big melon & carve out “I love you” on it. Put it on the top shelf in the refrigerator. It’s guaranteed that she’ll see your lovely gift, which also happens to be a healthy one.
  2. Get new white linen sheets and two-inch adhesive-backed felt letters. While you make the bed with these sheets, stick a love message on the top sheet like for example: “You’re the only one that I dream of waking up with — I love you!”
  3. Buy a large bar of soap, carve it into a heart shape & place it in the shower soap tray. Leave a love note with it like for example: “Everything about my love for you is so pure — can I share this soap with you?”
  4. Purchase a washable window writer and write a love message on the odometer glass of her car.
  5. Buy a white helium balloon and write a love message on it with a Magic Marker. Make the writing creative like “Thank you for being in my life to love.” You can place it in the clothes closet. At least make sure that it is somewhere where she’ll see it when she wakes up in the morning.
  6. Purchase a washable red Magic Marker. Don’t get a permanent one. Write something sexy & romantic on the shower tiles like for example, “I love every part of you.”
  7. How about being creative with food. For example, make her a breakfast like omelette with “I Love You” on the top. You can use thin slices of red pepper for that purpose.
  8. Get some small self-adhering letters & come up with creative writing like, “There’s not enough time in a day to spend with you” on the face of the kitchen clock.
  9. Go online & purchase a custom-made temporary tattoo with your loved-one’s name placed in a heart. Wear it on your forearm or the back of your hand or somewhere where she will notice. Have it on for the whole day.

I know that all the ideas above are corny, but that’s the whole point of the day. In fact, if a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t corny, it’s probably not romantic. By the way, in case, you want the usual presents of flowers, gifts & cakes you don’t have to go shopping for that. You can always order them online from a florist. They will deliver to you at a time of your choosing along with free shipping. You can even avail for multiday gift delivery. It will be a pleasant surprise for your girl.