Soft Toys-Who Started it & Why It’s A Lovely Gift

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Presenting soft toys as gifts to children, as well as, to one’s girlfriend is a very common scenario these days. Soft toys have become a part & parcel of our lives. We don’t usually realize the story behind it & why the soft toys have become such an integral part of our lives. Well the key to a soft toy is the stuffing that is been done. Stuffing goes back a long way. Ancient Egyptians were the first people known to have used stuffing, but of course they did it for worshipping & religious purpose rather than as toys.

The story of stuffed animal toys or soft toys began its modern history in the 1880s, when a seamstress called Margarete Steiff established her company in Germany with the idea of making soft toys. Her work was mainly pincushions, but due to their cute look, children began to play with them. In 1897 her nephew Richard Steiff joined in the toy making enterprise. In 1903, he was credited with having invented what we commonly call as the “Teddy Bear.” In less than 5 years, Steiff began mass production of this famous toy named after the US president Theodore Roosevelt. As he started making other kinds of stuffed animal, other players joined in to the market as well.

In the beginning of course these stuffed animals were made mainly out of cloth, faux fur & plush with straw, wood wool, beans stuffed inside. Gradually the technology began to develop. Nowadays, they are made out of different kinds of materials, which is quite like real fur. Stuffing these days are done mainly with foam, cotton, plastic pellets, synthetic fibers, etc. Some even have wire frames inside to help them stand up freely or move their paws. The variety grew as well with some resembling real animals, others are popular fictional characters. The development continues to this day to the point that they can sing, dance, talk, react to certain actions all thanks to electronics.

But the real point is that it’s a favourite among kids & even girls like to get such soft, squishy gifts from their boyfriends. The popularity of soft toys continues to this day. But getting a gift would mean going out to shop for such toys. It is obviously a boring task & a time consuming one at that. But don’t worry, next time you plan to gift a soft toy to someone just go to an online gift delivery site & order one. You can even add flowers, cakes, chocolates, gifts along with a personal message to the soft toy. All the customization will be taken care of by these online gift delivery services to make it a perfect gift for the occasion where you want it.