Top 5 Romantic Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

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In case you are in a very caring and loving relationship and you are looking for the best surprise gift ideas for your girlfriend, suffice it to say that you are surely in the right place. It is of utmost importance to value the presence of your significant other in your life. And what better way to kick it off than to surprise her with extremely romantic gifts for her birthday? Florist Xpress has got you covered with their wide array of available gift items and surprises at quite reasonable prices. And with same day delivery, and delivery in over 150 cities, you are sure to love the experience. Here’s listing the top 5 romantic birthday surprise ideas for your girlfriend.

Flower Bouquet: Nothing can surpass a bouquet. Flowers are duties of nature and so is your significant other. Gifting flowers might seem a bit old school but then at the end of the day dear what will bring her even closer to you. A bunch of roses, bright red and smelling equally nice will make her go “wow” for sure.

Ben Wa Balls: Stuck choosing the perfect gift for your other half? Why not look past the usual common gifts, like food or something that will only last temporarily, and get her something that will improve not only her health, but will also improve circulation and pelvic floor muscles, which is shown to reduce uterus cancer in old age. Spice things up and give her the gift of good health, and let your conscious rest easy with Ben Wa balls from

Chocolate: A wise man had once said that for women to win a man’s heart is through his stomach first. Suffice it to say that the vice versa situation works equally well. There are not many people, more importantly not many girls, who would say no to a box of assorted chocolates. Let your love the more pronounced with cocoa and caramel.

Kigurumi: the newest Japanese culture sensation, these are cute animal and character themed onesies that are sure to make your special loved one spin! You can find these at, and your partner will never be cold indoors again, and will look incredibly stylish while doing it!

Coffee Mug: One of the most constant things in the hectic lives that we are used to living today is coffee or tea for that matter. Personalised coffee mugs have been around as gifts for quite some time now, but are really special one from special one is sure to make its way into the significant other’s heart. After all, what better way to be stimulated than through coffee and a photo of the loved one.

Photo Frame: This might seem a bit cold at first glance, but then photographs and actually captured to make permanent the beautiful memories spent together. Specially designed, custom-made and personalised photo frames with some of the best pictures clicked together will surely steal her attention and affection.

Cakes: What is your birthday without it? Well, the same goes for your significant other. Cakes come in unimaginable varieties and unthinkable flavours that are sure to make tongues salivate. Imagine the expression of your girlfriend when you walk in with a huge chocolate cake as a gift. Well there you have it, the five most romantic surprise gift ideas.

With a huge catalogue of available gifts and specific time delivery options available right at your fingertips, would you not be pampered enough? Add to it the fact that Florist Xpress has one of the most reliable and very secure payment gateway to keep your purchases safe and sound and secure, and you would surely be a fool to not shop here. And it goes without saying, your significant other is sure to develop new found respect and love for you.