Occasions That Definitely Call For Cake

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What’s that in the picture? Is it a baked desert? Or is it just a piece of bread? Or is it a well-defined mixture of flour, sugar, oil & eggs? Well yes & NO! It’s a designer cake which can be customized for any occasion.

The way the bread melts in the mouth along with the cream, foam & frosting simply makes it a mouth-watering desert- loved by all. It’s history is as old as human civilization. Ancient Egypt was the first culture to show evidence of true skill in baking, making many kinds of bread including some sweetened with hone. The Greeks had a form of cheesecake and the Romans developed early versions of fruitcakes with raisins, nuts and other fruits. In 14th century England, Chaucer mentions immense cakes made for special occasions, some up to 13 kg. The term “cake” itself has a long history. The word is of Viking origin, from the Old Norse word “kaka”.

Cakes, especially designer ones, can be classified according to the occasions-


It’s among the most important events in a person’s life. It has a high probability of being a once in a lifetime experience. A cake is definitely an effective desert in it.


Of course, what is a birthday without a birthday cake!


An occasion such as this, where a new relation or an event is welcomed, is always made worthwhile through the addition of a cake.


A delicious desert such as a cake is a definite YES to celebrate the occasion of love.


Anniversary- a time to celebrate the bond & longevity of a relation can be sweetened by a delicious cake.

Baby Shower

It is obviously important to the family members, especially the mother, when it comes to welcoming the new upcoming guest in the family. A cake can definitely augment the happiness of the event & make it really special

For Kids

It goes without saying that kids are far more exuberant about cakes on their birthdays than adults. Brightly coloured, rich, mesmerizing cakes can now be specially designed just for cakes.

Designer Cake

These can be used to focus attraction in any event.

Festival Cakes

In most festive celebrations in the West including Christmas & New Year, a cake is a definite yes. Nowadays it has become almost a tradition to add a cake in festivities all over the world.

Creative & Artistic Cakes

Cakes can be as creative, unique & customized, as one can make them. Across the world creativity is applauded & appreciated & can be used for ornamentation in an event.

Cakes For Men & Women

Cakes have nowadays being made catering to the different tastes of men & women considering what they eat, wear or drink.

So how do you make a cake appropriate for an occasion? It’s simple..really!

All you have to do is to go to an online cake ordering site like Floristxpress & order a customized cake for the occasion, where you want it. They even have eggless ones for the vegans. They’ll make it just the way you want it & what’s more…free delivery. You can order it like anything you buy online, from anywhere in the world & have it delivered at the right address. So when the next event comes up, just order it & unlike 14th century England you can forget all about the troubles of baking & making an enormous party cake.