Ideas To Spend Your Very First Salary

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While we mostly don’t have to worry about money while we grow up, as our parents take the burden of raising us, we all have that special moment in our lives, when we get the SMS from bank in our mobile-“Dear Customer, Your Ac XXXXXXX is credited with INR XXXXXXX.” Yes, getting the first paycheque of our lives is always a momentous event of our lives. Nothing else matters neither the amount nor the company. But then again comes the big question. After you have paid the rent & other bills, what do you do with the rest of your money? Certainly, the first income of your life is worth celebrating. Here are a few ideas of how to spend your first pay cheque

  1. Have a peaceful debt free life & by debt I mean all debts including mobile phones, credit cards, etc. Settle all these accounts which you have left unpaid in those days when you didn’t earn.
  2. Send a token of your gratitude to those who helped land you the job including the people, who told you, referred you & even guided you through the interviews. Yes, a simple Thanks should suffice, but it’s nice to add a personal touch with a gift like sweets, chocolates etc.
  3. Of course, don’t forget to show your gratefulness to your parents, who toiled hard & foregone luxuries, so that you may get where you are today. I know nothing you get will be enough, but just take them to a nice dine out & watch the joy in their eyes. You can also get your dad a new watch, a new saree for your mom & pamper for your younger sibling for something, which he/she has been pleading to your parents for a long time. Besides you can gift them a simple thank you card, some chocolates & cakes. Don’t worry, I know you are wondering gifts for parents? Gifts for people helped you land the job? But that means going out for gift Well I say no, you don’t have to. Just order something from an online gift delivery site like Florist Xpress. You can get flowers, cakes, designer cakes, dry fruits, chocolates bouquet, dry fruits, fresh fruits, greeting cards, soft toys, combos, fruit champagne, sweets, etc, at amazingly affordable & reasonable rates.
  4. Spend it for something you had in your mind for long time. For instance if you had been planning to get a tattoo, then get one. Just make sure it doesn’t get you fired. Losing your job for something you did with your first salary. What could possibly be more ironic!!!
  5. It would be a great thing to do if you spend a part of your pay cheque for something which relates to philanthropy like donating to an NGO, which helps poor people get eye operations or putting girl children into schools. If you’re into this, then start doing it with your first salary only. It is your hard earned money, so put it for a cause worth putting money into.
  6. No matter what the amount of your salary is remember every penny well invested is bound to multiply & it should start from your first salary. Open a bank account for long term deposit. Believe me you will thank yourself five years or ten years down the line. Or you can invest it in a health insurance, cause you have just earned your first salary & therefore still quite young. The younger you are the lower premium you pay.
  7. You are most likely to have a sit in the desk job, which is very bad for your health in the long run. So prevent that from happening at all, get a gym membership with some money. Of course, the tough part is going to the gym regularly for a long time.
  8. You probably still have some money left after these, so do whatever you want-IT’S YOUR MONEY-go on a trip, get a spa massage & facial, do a little bit of binge eating, buy a branded bag. Just pamper yourself & let your materialistic side take over. After all, it’s the first money that you have earned.