How To Celebrate a Cashless Birthday?

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Money is said to make the world go round. Being born & brought up in the modern day world, we simply cannot think of walking down the street without cash in our pockets. It is highly ingrained in our society. It began as early as 15000BC when obsidian began to be used as a medium of exchange & barter in what is modern day Anatolia. Minting of coins began in 7th century BC in the cities of Grecian Asia Minor. Yet as we move into the 21st century world of technology cash is becoming a more & more redundant item. Whether you love it or hate it, it is a reality that we all have to face.

For those who hate it, it’s not all bad news. Mobile & electronic payment method is definitely faster, convenient & results in more efficient purchases. As newer technologies are helping improve this transaction method, improved security system is also becoming priority, which payment providers cannot ignore. In fact cashless transaction has become a corner stone for measurement of a nation’s economic development. Sweden one of the most developed nation in the world leads the race in going cashless. It is as high as 52% of all transactions in US & 34% & 35% of all transactions in Western Europe & Asia Pacific region respectively. On the other hand it is as low as 1% in Africa & 9% in Latin America.

Coming to India, the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi has literally declared war on cash to curb black money & fake currency transaction. He has given a clarion call to make India a “cashless society.” Well as we become more & more cashless, we should take advantage of it by buying where the main cashless transaction takes place-online! Now suppose you’re celebrating the birthday of your girlfriend or your mom & you want to surprise them with a pleasant gift & you don’t want to go shopping for gifts or birthday cake at the same time. Then go for the online cashless option.  Just go to one of the online gift ordering sites like Florist Xpress & order gifts, flowers or cakes, which are customised by the experts just for the occasion in which you want it- birthday, valentines, Diwali or any other festivals. You can even send them photos to be put on photo cakes-that is the level of customization that is available to you online. You can pay through a secure gateway & it will be delivered to your doorstep at a fixed time of your choice, including midnight. It is guaranteed to surprise your loved ones who would not be expecting it.

Using such a hassle free service, you are bound to get the impression that online cashless transaction is actually a better option than going out shopping with a bunch of cash in your pocket.