Expensive Or Not So Expensive Gifts- What Does It Depend On?

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Don’t know how much to spend on gifts, especially odd, special events like wedding or baby shower? Don’t want to look penny-pinching & at the same time don’t want to go broke after spending so much on all these occasions? Well relax. We have all been there at some point of time.

Well, yes, giving gifts is harder than it sounds. All year round, your friends & families will have weddings, housewarmings, pregnancies, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements & the list goes on & on. So it’s time to figure out how much to spend on buying gifts for each of these occasions.

You must know there are no strict rules for gift giving, but here’s some suggestions which will help you to determine the costs of these gifts within a budget limit.

Remember these 3 factors mentioned below are the key to understanding it-

  • How close are you to the receiver?
  • What’s the occasion?
  • & most importantly your budget?

So how close are you to the gift recipient? Give higher budget for spouse, family members & close friends.

What’s the occasion? More budget at a wedding (as it is more likely to be once in a lifetime event) & less for events like housewarming.

Finally, your budget. Don’t follow what others are spending on gifts. Focus on your budget & plan accordingly. You should be congenial with it, that’s the important thing.

Just remember that an appropriate gift depends most on what you’re comfortable giving and your relationship with the other person.

Here’s example of how to spend on wedding gifts from a set budget-

  • 25% of your total on the engagement present
  • 25% of your total on the shower gift
  • 50% of your total on the wedding gift
  • If you’re invited only to the shower & not the engagement, then you may fatten up the wedding gift with the extra 25% of the budget.

Remember, your gift shouldn’t be the cost of admission to the wedding. It should rather represent your love & compliments.

Again, when you’re buying gift for a kid different things have to be considered. A teen would like a more expensive gift than a toddler. In events like graduation or sweet sixteen, definitely go for cash gift. They will love it- that’s for sure.

Choose a thoughtful home related item for housewarming parties. Cash gift in that case is totally inappropriate.

Just don’t overthink it. If you are totally clueless, go to online gift store like https://floristxpress.com/. You will have the gift prices right in front of you. You can always order gifts for different occasions there according to your budget.