Best & Unique Cake Ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary

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The 25th anniversary is perhaps one of the most important and most celebrated day in the life of a married couple. Now whether you are planning a surprise gift for your significant other, or both of you are involved in the selection of the perfect gift, it is imperative that you select something which is one of the most versatile gift ever-well you guessed it right – it is the cake. Florist Xpress specialises in midnight delivery of its orders and so rest assured if you want the cake to come in exactly at midnight. Then again with delivery in over 150 cities the cravings of yours on your 25th anniversary are sure to be fulfilled by us. Here’s listing some of the best cake ideas.

Cake varieties: We request you to trust us when we say that you will truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the best cake to gift yourself and your significant other on your 25th anniversary. Suffice it to say that we divide cakes are not only by flavour but also by occasion by type and by other miscellaneous criteria.

Dividing cakes by flavour: We have perhaps the most sought after cake of the mall-the chocolate cake. Closely following it are the black forest cake and chocolate truffle cake. Not far behind come the butterscotch cake the vanilla cake and others like the strawberry cake et cetera.

When it comes to dividing cake by terms of type, it is important to note that in today’s Eire there are we more types then we can probably think of in the smaller of the moment. One of the most popular cakes are the photo cakes then you have the five-star cakes, the half kilogram cakes, eggless cakes, the fondant cakes and so on and so forth. But our top pick for your 25th anniversary, to mark the strong love and bond between you and your significant other, would be one of the beautiful heart shaped cakes.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful cakes Florist Xpress excels in providing you are with the top of the line – designer cakes, same day cakes, midnight cakes and so on to say the least.

Top it with a Bouquet: it goes without saying that flowers and women are mutually attracted to each other, at least we know that one way works for sure. Then we would suggest you to pick the most beautiful and vibrant bouquet to supplement the cake, or have the flowers integrated with the cake itself!

Same day delivery, specific time delivery, even multi day gifts delivery are just the tip of the iceberg of available features that Florist Xpress has to offer. Add to it the fact that there is highly reliable and secure payment gateway to make sure that all your payments are done safely and securely – you would surely be tempted to try out Florist Xpress for your gifts on your 25th anniversary, and at least be kind enough to recommend it to your near and dear ones.